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Custom Keyboard Label Solutions


Custom Keyboard Labels by Smart Keyboard Stickers are self-adhesive stickers that are die-cut to fit any keyboard's keys precisely. These labels are custom made to order. Meaning they can be printed in almost any background color, feature text information, commands, icons, or graphic pictures that assist the user in utilizing key-based functions. Users can identify keys and commands they need quickly. Custom produced Keyboard Labels improve accuracy of data entry, increases input, and leaves room for little or no error.


*Custom Keyboard Stickers are a cost efficient & Smart Solution to increase productivity by aiding your staff to perform their job faster and more effectively.

Custom Keyboard Labels Utilization

Custom software that uses hotkeys or keyboard entry to maximize speed.

Dedicated data entry systems, such as CSR sales stations or 911 dispatch operations.

Machinery control systems, such as factory machinery

Hospital systems, such as crash carts where speed and accuracy are critical

Highly complex systems and software, such as video editing software, television station software, or design software

Point of Sale (POS) for retail and restaurant cash registers

Custom icons or graphics that provide quick access to hotkeys or keyboard commands for complex software.


Why use color coded keyboard stickers:

  • Commands at your fingertips. Custom keyboard stickers put software commands at your fingertips for faster, more accurate data entry
  • Hotkeys stand out. Using color-coding helps operators find critical command keys instantly without having to visually search the keyboard.
  • Cost effective. Custom keyboard stickers cost less to manufacture than printing custom computer keys. 
  • Easier system upgrades. Custom sticker sets can be used on any standard or laptop keyboard regardless of brand or model. This means that you can stock extra sticker sets for new keyboard installations or keyboard replacements. When you need to install a new or replacement keyboard, the stickers are ready. If you are using custom keyboard keyboards or keys, purchasing new keyboards may require complete re-tooling of the custom keys to accommodate changing keyboard models or brands. 

Advantages of Smart Keyboard Stickers Custom Stickers:

  • We use a silkscreen printing process on LexanŽ that allows us to match any background and text colors to fit your needs.
  • The LexanŽ we use is a high-quality, extremely durable polycarbonate that will stand up to years of use.
  • We can match any background or text color that you require for the project. If necessary, we can use other printing processes to produce four-color keyboard stickers for your project.
  • The 3M adhesive used on the stickers will not ooze, harden, or wear out. 
  • We can print and die cut stickers in almost any shape or size you might need. 
  • We can develop camera-ready art according to your specifications or you can provide finished art for the project. 

We offer a complete start-to-finish custom solution.

Contact us today for us to help you develop a custom solution for your project.


Custom Keyboard Stickers Description 

  • We use a silkscreen process that prints the letters on the underside of the sticker. Your fingers don't touch the printing, so the letters will not rub off.
  • The stickers are printed on high quality Lexan® that makes them very durable.
  • The stickers are self-adhesive and die-cut for simple peel and stick installation.
  • The matte finish Lexan is non-glare at any angle.
  • The smooth, matte finish is an easy-to-see, non-slick surface that feels comfortable for typing. 
  • The adhesive will not harm the original printing on the keyboard keys.
  • If desired, the stickers can be easily peeled off without damaging the keyboard.
  • The stickers are designed to fit standard desktop and laptop computer keyboards. If necessary, you can trim them with scissors prior to application.
  • The adhesive will not ooze or yellow with age.
  • Keyboard stickers will not crack or peel.